Risal Lactobacillus Rice Roll (Soy Milk Flavor)

A rice roll with mild lactic acid bacteria paste. Prepare the intestinal environment with fragrant snacks. It is a sweet that everyone from infants to adults can enjoy together.

  • #No coloring
  • #No preservatives
  • #Fragrance-free
  • #For infants
  • #Functional snack
  • #Non-fried

Product Features

The bean paste is kneaded with soymilk and powdered milk, giving it a simple and mellow taste.

Naturally derived and carefully selected raw materials are used, the rice roll body is made of 100% domestically produced rice, and no food additives such as colorings, preservatives, or fragrances are used.

Addition of lactic acid bacteria The bean paste contains plenty of lactic acid bacteria.

Useful for the development of infants By eating the stick-shaped rice rolls, you can practice the development of hand muscle groups and brain on a daily basis.

Product Introduction

Category Senbei
Content 8 pieces/box
Ingredients Body: 100% Taiwanese white rice. Paste: Palm oil, powdered milk (no fat adjustment), butter, gelatinized starch, brown rice, corn (non-GMO), cornstarch (non-GMO), soymilk powder, salt, whey protein , Lecithin, Spore-forming lactobacteria
Storage Store in a cool, dark place. *Do not store in a humid place.
Shelf life One year

Main Ingredients

Per box 8 pieces
Calorie 376Kcal
Protein 4.2g
Lipid 25.7g
Carbohydrate 32.1g
Sugar 6.4g
Sodium 104mg

Instructions for Use

Eat as a snack so that it does not affect your normal diet.

*This product contains eggs, soybeans, and milk, so please be careful if you are allergic.

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