A TV commercial for Children’s cold medicine successfully created recognition of the RISAL brand in Taiwan.
"I got a cold, mom won't let me go to play."

Since 1961, Riken Pharmaceutical began to export Risal cold medicine to Taiwan, starting up a cooperative relationship between Japan and Taiwan in OTC industry.
""I have a cold, my mother won't let me go to play!"" is a quote from a successful TV commerial known by every Taiwanese. It has been sold to millions of families and has become ranking number one cold medicines for children in Taiwan.

Promoting healthcare knowledge about cold medicine for children.

The charity pupet show ""Angel Lisa - Adventures in the Demon World"" draws the publics attention to kids healthcare education and public welfare.

Conducted in 1987, the national-wide pupet show tour was aimed at making health education enjoyable and inspiring in order to promote knowledge about colds.

The story is about an angel called Lisa and a little boy defending against all kinds of virus monsters during their adventure in the Demon World. It aims at inspiring children to develop a sense of justice, courage, and creativity while educating families about basic healthcare practices in daily life.

We invited hundrends of orphan kids to watch the show to increase public awareness about the disadvantages suffered by the less fourtunate. We intend to make a positve contribution to society in general and to the underprivileged children- it's an important part of our company's mission.

Encouraging children to do
handwriting and painting
to show thier love to parents.

We Published millions of healthcare educational handbooks to encourage children to express their true feelings towards their parents by writing and painting. We believe that good interaction between parents and children are important for happy childlife.

Easy & Professional healthy daily life

Truning traditional concept of taking supplements like taking medicine
into something new by making it more easy and dilicious to have for children.
In twenty-one century, people care about healthy dailylife.
Intending to decrease the possiblity of diseases, preventional medicines,
which sometimes can be replaced by the terms of food supplements are emphasized in modern life.

In 2011, we launched a series of health supplements for children aged 1 to 12 years old, including health and nutritional supplements, functional foods, and maternal and infant foods. All our products are produced without the use of preservatives and artificial coloring, managed by strict quality control, and passed tests by the third-party inspection institutions on products' dosage and safety. "Moms to have peace of mind (ママ安心だね)" is the brand commitment.


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