Professionaling and science are the pillars of Risal quality.
Risal quality is achieved by caring attention and scientific rigor.

Manufacturing System Management

We cooperate with international manufacturers to ensure the highest quality hygiene and strict control of ingredients,
manufacturing flow, quality control and shipping process.

  • GMP

    Based on US NSF-GMP standards, the factory is required to manufacture its products in accordance with the pertinent manufacturing standards for dietary supplements.


    Coming from a risk management of food safety standpoint, we carry out the risk management planning of the whole system for the critical control points throughout the process.

  • ISO22000

    We use the ISO22000 international certification management standards as the bible for our food safety and hygeine management.

Inspection System

We select reliable and credible third-party inspection institutions to carry out all of our inspections.

  • Integrity

    We perform inspections at the time of purchase, e.g., packing density tests and pressure resistance tests. We also personally inspect the integrity of product packaging and information correctness to enhance consumer satisfaction.

  • Safety

    Each batch is strictly monitored and tested for microorganisms and harmful residual substances.
    For example, tests for microorganisms, heavy metal residues, and plasticizer residues. This is our assurance to you of highest product quality.

  • Effectiveness

    The difference between dietary supplements and general food is in the amount of their functional ingredients. For each batch of products, we conduct quantitative testing of the functional ingredients and strictly check for product stability and adherence to the product formulation after processing. For example, as lutein is thermally unstable, we conduct quantitative tests on the lutein content of the product after the manufacturing process.

  • Information Transparency and Disclosure

    We provide accurate and detailed product information on packages and product description. We disclose all necessary information about the product in accordance with local regulations for product distribution to enable that consumers to understand the product they are buying.