Children are not just miniature adults.

Regarding health supplements for children merely as reduced amounts of the adult counterparts would be a gross oversimplification and detrimental fallacy. Most of the vast array of supplements available on the market are made for adults, but since "children are not just miniature adults," different nutrients and proportions are needed in each stage of development, thus simply halving the adult amount for children or toddlers would be inadequate. Over-dosing of supplementation is also physically toxing for kids. Moreover the capsules commonly consumed by adults can create the risk of choking in children and make them unwilling to taking supplements.
We sympathize with parental difficulties and understand the caused by aoubts about the right choice of the supplements for their children. So we decided to embark on a highly detailed and technical study in an efforto to develop supplements for children.

Professional Assessment of Children's Needs Are the nutrients chosen by parents really what children need?

We are a team of professionals with a background in nutrition and pharmacology. Based on FDA nutrition survey data and WHO nutrition research findings, we have carefully determined the needs of children in modern life. And we have investigated the essential nutrients that children often are lacking and need to be supplemented with in their daily diets to ensure proper development and growth.
We assure you that the products that we have developed are absolutely what your child really needs!

International Manufacturer Certification &
Patented Ingredients A Product is only as Good as its Ingredients!

Children's systems are immature, and their digestion and absorption functions are not like adults, thus necessitating increased care and vigilance in choosing products for them. There are many sources of nutrients to choose from, and the ingredient quality varies due to market price disparity. Therefore, when selecting nutrients, we always use high quality ingredients from international manufacturers.

We believe that quality is intangible, and is only proven through a large body of scientific evidence and safety data. Whether it is demonstrated through clinical trials, academic literature or safety and effectiveness guarantees, what matters most is the strict selection of high-quality nutrients that can bring greater health effects and peace of mind. Children having better nutrition makes it all worth it!

*Using precision dropper bottle, dosing safety is guaranteed.

Dosages Exclusively for Children
A Dose Specially For Children, We're Serious!

With all the health products out there on the market, it is easy to fall under the sway of the misconception that high dosage of ingredients make for better products. But where children are concerned, it is not about higher doses, it is about greater effectiveness. High dose may actually put stress on the liver's and kidney's metabolic functions in children, and in serious cases, high doses may even be toxic. To provide safe products for children and infants, we refer to the nutritional intake recommandation provided by the WHO, Japanese nutrition agencies, and the FDA, to cater the nutritional doses to the needs of children of all ages.

Parents can safely follow the recommended doses for their children without having to worry about overdosing or underdosing! For example, the the dosage of Risal Love Multivitamins is recommended according to different age groups. As another example, our Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin and comes in precision dropper bottles for more precise supplementation.

Product Form Evaluation We have taken into consideration which product forms children like best.

The characteristics of the nutrients require a corresponding appropriate product form for its stability and safety reasons. The taste of supplements ia important to garentee the children are willing to take them daily. All Risal product series come either as powder or as chewable vitamins or as softgel capsules that can easily dissolve in the mouth or as powder, to avoid the risk of choking. These meticulous selection free parents from the hassles of forcing children to take their supplements, and give them the peace of mind and convenience of knowing that their children will take their vitamins willingly.
We have carefully chosen the appropriate type of package for each nutrients. For example, to maintain the highest quality of live cultures our probiotics, we have selected only powdered formulations to reduce the depletion of the cultures. In the case of Omega-3 fish oil products, we have chosen MCT oil, a high quality base oil and put it into a fish shaped, chewable, softgel capsule, and improved the taste by reducing the fishiness.

*Our probiotics were specially-made in powdered form to maximize viability.

The patented chewable softgel melt in the mouth, taste great and are safe for kids.

Product Consistency
We insist on nothing less than highest product quality and consistency.

Besides using qaulity ingredients and sound processing technology, producing quality supplements also requires maintaining the stability of the product to ensure that it retains its maximum effectiveness during its entire shelf life. This is the detail that is often overlooked in the dietary supplement industry, and one that we will never compromise on.

Our probiotic products use our patented microcapsulization that can take probiotics safely through the gastric acid to the digestive tract, and the sachet is sealed by a weld on three sides to maintain product quality.

The unique protective layer of the microcapsulization to maximize, stability of the probiotics.

Probiotics use patented microcapsulization technology, ensuring the strains pass through the gastric acid and into the digestive tract.

Probiotics use patented microcapsulization technology, ensuring the strains pass through the gastric acid and into the digestive tract.

We always keep in mind that these five additives are without in any of our products. No burden on children's health.

3rd party labortaory testing
3rd party labortaory testing make moms feel at ease.

Our entire product series has passed the rigorous inspections of international certification institutions. Our products are tested continously and have to pass the test of basic microbes, plasticizers and heavy metals, unnatural artificial additives such as preservatives and artificial colorings.
We are giving your children only the healthy nutrition they need for their growth and to never burden their systems with additives that might affect their helath, so that children can eat happily and moms can feel more at ease.