To Improve, Enhance and Support
Your Child’s Health Everyday


RISAL kids' supplements are safe, give you peace of mind and deserved for your trust.
With 6 decades of pharmaceutical experience, we know that quality requires scientific testing.
We provide complete and high-quality products to meet children needs at different ages.
Children are not miniature versions of adults.
Based on the needs of children at different developlemnt stages from 1-12 years old, we provide safe, specific and complete nutritional supplements that mothers could trust in.

Brand Concept
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Research & Development

Based on the needs of children in differents growth stages, we develop products of suitable dosages and forms. Specificity, efficacy and safety are what make our products outstanding.

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Quality Control

Quality assurance is based on lots of scientificl tests.
Strict manufacturing procedures ensure that RISAL keeps high quality strandard.

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  • OTC &
    Medical devices

    Kids OTC cold medicines and medical devices approved by FDA give children cold relief, lower fever, diminish cough and running nose.

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  • Supplements

    A complete line of specialized supplements for different nutrition need, including digestion, immunity, eyes health, brain development and general health.

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  • Functional foods

    Bring nutrients into daily food to replenish vitality, energy and overall wellness.

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  • Baby foods

    Nutritious snacks and meals tailored for children under 3 years old.

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Pursuit of Quality Worldwild busineses

Quality, Integrity, Efficacy, and Trust. We are committed to bringing wellness and happiness to life with our 4 core values.