Risal Quti Sugar-free Fruit Jelly

Sugar-free pectin base, recommended for moms who are concerned about their children’s intake of sugar!

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Product Features

The sugar-free, citrus-derived pectin base gives the jelly fruit a chewy texture that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age.

Peach flavored with added calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones and teeth healthy while enjoying snacks.

No artificial colors or preservatives. Natural fruit juice is used for seasoning, and there is little burden on the body.

Product Introduction

Category Jelly fruit
Content 37.5g/bag
Ingredients Maltitol, water, calcium citrate, pectin (derived from citrus), glycerin, lactic acid, citric acid, vitamin D, vegetable oil, palm wax, vitamin E (antioxidant).
Storage Avoid places with high temperature, freezing, and high humidity, and store in a place below 30 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life 1 year

Main Ingredients

Per bag 37.5g
Calorie 78Kcal
Carbohydrate 31.3g
Sugar 0.0g
Dietary fiber 225mg
Calcium 142mg
Vitamin D 37.5ug(1500IU)

Instructions for Use

Children must be accompanied by an adult when eating.
To prevent aspiration, maintain good posture and concentrate on eating.

*Due to the recommended daily intake of vitamin D, please refrain from taking more than 4 capsules of this product per day.

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