Risal Quti Soft Candy

Confectionery with a new texture that maintains digestive function by adding lactic acid bacteria to each grain.

  • #New texture sweets
  • #The outside is crunchy
  • #Bubble wrap inside
  • #Plenty of lactic acid bacteria per grain

Product Features

Formulated with active lactic acid bacteria produced in Japan to regulate the internal environment.

The yogurt flavor spreads softly in your mouth, and the texture is irresistible.

It's a snack that the whole family can enjoy together as a child's chewing practice.

Product Introduction

Category Candy
Content 25g/bag
Ingredients Maltose, sugar, gelatin, coconut oil, condensed milk, citric acid, fragrance, lactic acid bacteria with spores, palm wax
Storage Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperature, freezing and high humidity.
Shelf life 2 years

Main Ingredients

Per grain 2.5g
Calorie 10Kcal
Sugar 1.5g
Lactobacteria 100 million cfu

Instructions for Use

Children must be accompanied by an adult when eating.
To prevent aspiration, maintain good posture and concentrate on eating.
*This product contains milk, please be careful if you are allergic.

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