RISAL Vitamin C
Chewable Tablets

Each tablet contains 300 mg of vitamin C, and is orange-flavored and chewable, making it a delight for children.

  • #Become the power of biodefense
  • #Contains Hesperidin
  • #Contains β-glucan

Product Features

Contains 300 mg of high-unit vitamin C and natural acerola-derived ingredients for good absorption and utilization.

Added patented hesveridin, vitamin C helps circulation and recycling in the body.

Formulated with β-glucan, natural ingredients for a healthy body!

Product Introduction

Category Chewable tablets
Content 60 tablets/box
Ingredients Powdered sugar, sodium L-ascorbate, L-ascorbic acid, magnesium stearate, acerola extract, glucan, hesveridin, orange flavor.
Storage Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding high temperature, freezing, high humidity and sunny places.
Shelf life 2 years

Main Ingredients

Unit Content per tablet
Vitamin C 300mg

Instructions for Use

Children 2 to 12 years old take 1 tablet daily, and children 12 years and older take 1-3 tablets daily.
*Do not take more than 3 tablets per day.

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