RISAL Vitamin D3 Drops

You can easily take the appropriate amount of vitamin D3 with a fixed amount drip.

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Product Features

Taking 2 drops a day is enough vitamin D3!

MCT oil base increases nutrient absorption rate.

Maintains normal nerve and muscle function, good for bone and tooth growth and development.

Product Introduction

Category Oil-based liquid food
Content 15ml/bottle
Ingredients MCT oil, vitamin D3, vitamin E (antioxidant)
Storage After opening, be sure to tightly close the lid and store in a cool, dark place below 25 degrees or in the refrigerator. Please enjoy your meal early.
Shelf life 2 years

Main Ingredients

Per 2 drops 0.08ml
Calorie 0.7Kcal
Lipid 0.08g
Vitamin D3 10µg(400IU)

Instructions for Use

Infants under 1 year old and pregnant women: 2 drops daily.

For children over 1 year old, adolescents, and adults, take 1-2 drops daily.

This product is colorless and tasteless, and is recommended to be eaten together with drinks such as milk.
*This product does not contain any coloring agents, preservatives or fragrances, please consume as soon as possible after opening.

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