RISAL Electrolyte Drink Mix Powder
Electrolyte replacement powder

Electrolyte powder that can quickly replenish water and body ions.

  • #Low osmotic pressure
  • #Formula based on WHO standards
  • #For ion supply

Product Features

Hypoosmolarity helps keep water in the body by: The electrolyte composition is based on the standards published by the World Health Organization, and can quickly replenish the water and ions lost from the body.

Supports your health by keeping your stomach in good condition The intestinal environment and digestive function are maintained by adding dietary fiber and probiotics.

Complete formula Quick recovery Specially formulated with zinc and glutamine to help restore appetite and physiology after illness.

Product Introduction

Category Powder beverage
Content 4 bags/box. 20 bags/box
Ingredients Glucose, dietary fiber, sodium citrate, salt, potassium chloride, glutamine, zinc gluconate, lactic acid bacteria, lactose
Storage Store at room temperature, avoiding high temperature, freezing and high humidity.
Shelf life 2 years

Main Ingredients

Per bag 5.5g
Sodium 175.6mg
Potassium 78mg
Chlorine 229mg
Zinc 2.9mg

Instructions for Use

Dissolve in 200ml of water per bag and drink the required amount. Do not use more than 5 sachets per day.
⋆Please consult your doctor before using when you have a cold.

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